EICAR.exe Test Virus

How do we test that our antivirus is working?

There is a test antivirus file which has no harmful effects but will be pinged by most antiviruses as a virus file.

To create:

1) Input the following into a text file:


2) Now save the text file as EICAR.exe

Watch as your system picks it up!

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New work


It’s been a while since I’ve posted to here, sorry about that – I’ll post some tips and tricks as I learn them on here for the exciting world of Anti-Virus.

I’m now working for Chillisoft, who are the New Zealand Distributors for ESET Anti Virus software (among other things) – It’s proving to be a very exciting and interesting experience, with plenty of potential to learn.

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Trying to set up a Business Account

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here!

I work for a company called Optimizer (www.optimizerhq.com) now – they have a range of IT online-based products primarily focused at the business end (www.swipehq.com Credit Card E-Commerce) and for Email Marketers (ListWise and MaxMail).

As a result, I’ve taken a great interest in how you can register and create a Sole Trader or a Company.

This domain is gverhaart.com now, I paid $18 NZD for it per year – and this will be my holding blog until I get a proper website hosted.

You can see my details on http://whois.domaintools.com/gverhaart.com – I have left it visible to show how you can register a domain and attach a wordpress site to it.

I have also registered the name Bright Sparks Computing Limited in the companies office – please search for it on companies.govt.nz!

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How to set up Wi-Fi Hotspot for your PC through a Samsung Galaxy Phone’s 3G

This one is a special request from Kitty ^_^


First, make sure you’re in an area where your 3G on your phone is on, but not connected to local Wi-Fi.

Go to your home screen, tap ‘Applications’ (bottom right corner) then ‘Settings’ (Gear icon), then tap ‘More’.

On this screen tap ‘Tethering and Portable Hotspot’

Now tap ‘Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot’ – it’ll come up with a message telling you it will consume more battery and data, that’s okay… wait for it to come up with a tick in the box.

Now tap ‘Configure Portable WiFi Hotspot’ – it’ll let you change the name of the hotspot so you can identify it more easily. Also tap on open, select WPA2 PSK, and a password box should appear. Enter a password, maybe write it down because you will use it to connect your PC to the phone.

Click ‘Save’ once all this is done. It’ll turn the hotspot off and on again, don’t worry – just takes a few seconds. Go back to the home screen, and turn on your laptop.

That’s the phone side finished, if you want to turn the hotspot off and save battery and data simply go back into the ‘Tethering and Portable hotspot’ and turn off the checked box in ‘Portable WiFi Hotspot’. To turn it on check it back on again.

On your laptop, go to the wireless connections in the bottom right corner of the screen. You should now see your phone hotspot appear as one of the options on the list. Click on it, and use the password to access it. You should now have an internet connection!

Personal Note – I have found this hotspot to be a bit slower then regular WiFi on my iPhone, and if you’re going to use this a lot then I would recommend turning Windows Updates off.

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Hackintosh – How to set up a cheap Apple Mac?

I had a query from someone about why I considered Apple to be the most expensive OS when an apple upgrade only costs ~$35 on iTunes. My answer to that is that you spend a lot more initially on an Apple computer, and so the upgrades are reasonably cheap.

A Microsoft OS costs between $80-$100 for the newest Windows 8, but you can install it on a machine that has no current OS. This makes it a lot cheaper than the nearest Apple alternative.

Still, I was intrigued so I poked around a little bit. It is possible (but not easy) to install an Apple OS X on raw hardware. It is not supported or recommended by Apple and requires some advanced knowledge of hardware and operating systems – monkeying around with the BIOS and using custom hack-ware.

I found instructions on how to do it on: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-install-mac-os-x-on-a-pc-without-using-a-mac/

Again, I find different benefits for Apple or Windows; but using a Hackintosh would not be supported by Apple and so any problems with iTunes would be unfixable – making the OS fairly well useless and unable to synch with other Apple devices.

My advice? Don’t do this unless you’re after the challenge and don’t mind possibly throwing away some hardware. If you’re a regular user, buy it!

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How do I set up Apple Photostream on my computer?

This works for both Windows and Apple computers – and also assumes that you are using an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or iPad mini to take the photos. I’ll cover it for a Windows computer, as on the Apple most steps are already taken care of.

Do the updates on your portable device – simply go into Settings > General > Software Update. Make sure you are using iOS 6.1.4 or later.

Go into Settings > iCloud and make sure it is all set up – you may have to set it up, use your main email account for it. I use my Gmail account as I know it’s going to be always available… Scroll down to Photo Stream and make sure it’s on.

Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer, then connect your device directly to the computer and follow the instructions to ‘sync’ the computer with your device. This should install iCloud on your computer directly, but if it doesn’t you can use this site:


Login using the same email and password as you use for your device.

After that, the rest is plain sailing – you should notice that now in ‘My Computer’ under category ‘Other’ (Windows 7) there should be an option called Photo Stream, and if you click on it you’ll see ‘My Photo Stream’. Click on it. Here are all your photos from your device!

Best thing about Photo Stream is that you can take a photo with your device in your lock screen, and if it is connected to the internet then it will automatically show up in your PC Photo Stream within a few minutes – hands free!

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Pin Program to Windows 8 Toolbar on Desktop

We’ll do this with Windows Defender (formerly known as Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7) as an example, but you can do this with any program.

Go into the metro screen (From the Windows 8 Desktop hit the Windows key to get to the ’tiled’ view) and type in ‘Windows Defender’.

Click on Windows Defender when it comes up – you may have to hit the down arrow to go through the different categories, and it should open it up in the Desktop.

Minimise it – click on the _ button on the top right of the program, and it should go down to the desktop toolbar.

Right-click on the icon on the toolbar, and click on the option ‘Pin to Taskbar’.

Done! Now if you need to run a quick virus scan from the desktop just click the Windows Defender (looks like a wall) Icon at the bottom of your screen to open the program. This procedure works for any other program or file location as well…

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