How to set up Wi-Fi Hotspot for your PC through a Samsung Galaxy Phone’s 3G

This one is a special request from Kitty ^_^


First, make sure you’re in an area where your 3G on your phone is on, but not connected to local Wi-Fi.

Go to your home screen, tap ‘Applications’ (bottom right corner) then ‘Settings’ (Gear icon), then tap ‘More’.

On this screen tap ‘Tethering and Portable Hotspot’

Now tap ‘Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot’ – it’ll come up with a message telling you it will consume more battery and data, that’s okay… wait for it to come up with a tick in the box.

Now tap ‘Configure Portable WiFi Hotspot’ – it’ll let you change the name of the hotspot so you can identify it more easily. Also tap on open, select WPA2 PSK, and a password box should appear. Enter a password, maybe write it down because you will use it to connect your PC to the phone.

Click ‘Save’ once all this is done. It’ll turn the hotspot off and on again, don’t worry – just takes a few seconds. Go back to the home screen, and turn on your laptop.

That’s the phone side finished, if you want to turn the hotspot off and save battery and data simply go back into the ‘Tethering and Portable hotspot’ and turn off the checked box in ‘Portable WiFi Hotspot’. To turn it on check it back on again.

On your laptop, go to the wireless connections in the bottom right corner of the screen. You should now see your phone hotspot appear as one of the options on the list. Click on it, and use the password to access it. You should now have an internet connection!

Personal Note – I have found this hotspot to be a bit slower then regular WiFi on my iPhone, and if you’re going to use this a lot then I would recommend turning Windows Updates off.


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